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Luncanii de Sus Monastery

The Luncanii de Sus monastery was founded in 2001 with the blessing of Î.P.S. Mitropolit icolae, originally as a skete dependant on the Romanesti monastery. The foundation was made by P.S. Vicar bishop Lucian Lugojanu at 12 August 2001.

Latitude: 45.740079000000
Longitude: 22.308308000000

Românești Monastery

Due to the historical influences occurred along the time in Banat, the monastery settlements with historical resonance are hardly existing as compared with the rest of the country.

Latitude: 45.812678000000
Longitude: 22.314885000000

Partos Monastery

The first document of this monastic settlement is dating since 1571, when monk Laurentiu wrote 3 books and gives one of them which stated: "This book, Divine holy Gospel, was given by monk Laurentiu Cernogorat to the monastery from Partos devoted to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, in 1571".

Latitude: 45.335675000000
Longitude: 21.123525000000

Morisena Monastery

Morisena Monastery was built in 2003 to help the faithful guidance to religious life. The monastery was built in the place of an old monastery of monks which dates from 1002, being the oldest monastery documentary attested in Romania.

DN6, 307095
Latitude: 46.114317000000
Longitude: 20.592363000000

Fârdea Monastery

Fardea Monastery is a monastery of nuns originally built in 2001 by the Metropolitan Nicolae. The foundation of Fardea Monastery was put on 12 August 2001 with the help of the Bishop Lucian Logojanu.

DJ681, 307165
Latitude: 45.745777000000
Longitude: 22.180128000000

Cebza Monastery

Cebza village is first mentioned in official documents in 1337 under the name Ciacova. He is reminded in the papal documents, which were at that time the only documentary sources for several localities in the Banat area.

Latitude: 45.559120000000
Longitude: 21.064832000000

Hodoni Mansion

MANSION PRESENTATION WEBSITE - http://www.conaculhodoni.ro/en

The village Hodoni (Odon, Odogny, Odoign, Hodony) is mentioned in historical documents since 1717.

no. 3 Gării st., 307367
Latitude: 45.904231000000
Longitude: 21.089598000000

San Marco Mansion

In the 19th century, the San Marco mansion in Comlosu Mare was the center of the theatrical shows organized in the region, as well as a venue for the meetings of the aristocracy.

Latitude: 45.892550000000
Longitude: 20.624722000000

“The 1900s architecture” series: The palaces Ciobanu – Gombos – Klein – Former Timişiana Bank

These buildings are located across the street from the Continental Hotel and are a very successful suite (but rarely noticed) of the 1900s architecture (the so-called Secession) in Timişoara.

Latitude: 45.755979000000
Longitude: 21.237443000000

The Prefecture, Timis County Council

The Prefecture

Current name

The Prefecture Palace, the Administrative Palace

Dating and historical functions

1938 – 1943

Architect Victor Vlad and collaborators, builder Constantin Purcariu

17 Revoluţiei din 1989 Bd.
Latitude: 45.755979000000
Longitude: 21.237443000000

Dicasterial Palace


2A Ţepeş Square, 2, 2A Eugeniu de Savoya St.
Latitude: 45.757083000000
Longitude: 21.231333000000

The Post Office Palace

Current names

The Post Office Palace, The Romanian Post Office, The Central Post Office


Building permit April 15, 1911, sewage connection September 1, 1913, water connection May 28, 1914.

Current functions

2 Revoluţiei din 1989 Bd.
Latitude: 45.755410000000
Longitude: 21.234739000000

The Canons’ Houses – Unirii Square

Current name

“The Canons’ Houses” – for all four houses in the block


Latitude: 45.758411000000
Longitude: 21.229614000000

The fountain in the Unirii Square

The fountain in the Unirii Square (between the Holy Trinity statue and the Catholic Cathedral) is also indirectly related to the plague and marshy area diseases from Timişoara.

Latitude: 45.757887000000
Longitude: 21.229434000000

The statue of the Holy Trinity - Unirii Square

The statue of the Holy Trinity (“the plague monument”) and thUnirii Square fountain are positioned in the middle of Unirii Square.

Unirii Square
Latitude: 45.758005000000
Longitude: 21.229038000000

The Serbian Community House

The Serbian Community House

Current name

The Cetate Serbian Community House

In 1786, there was a small building on this site.

5 Unirii Square
Latitude: 45.758289000000
Longitude: 21.228035000000

Brück House - Unirii Square


1758 – the first house existing here with a ground and first floor

The current building: Salamon Brück – building permit April 16, 1910, use permit June 18, 1911.

Names and historical functions

9 Mercy Street
Latitude: 45.757488000000
Longitude: 21.228738000000

The Catholic Dome - Unirii Square

Current name

The Dome, the Roman - Catholic Episcopal Church


12 Unirii Square

Historical names

The Main Church, Hauptkirche


Latitude: 45.758166000000
Longitude: 21.230241000000

Unirii Square

Historical names

Hauptplatz, Domplatz, Losonczy tér, Unirii (Union) Square

Dating, historical functions

Latitude: 45.757966000000
Longitude: 21.228811000000

Satchinez Marsh

Site description A remnant wetland associated with the Ier river. Extensive areas of reedbed (Phragmites) are interspersed with open water; wet meadows occur in the surrounds. Salix trees and bushes provide breeding sites for herons.

Latitude: 45.918058000000
Longitude: 20.995299000000