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1. Establishment of BIC

Business Incubator Centre BIC Vrsac will be a business support process that shall accelerate the successful development of start-up and already established companies as future service users by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services. These services will be developed by incubator management and offered both in the business incubator and through its network of contacts. A BIC main goal is to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding but also to be a home for interested tenants with the intention to further develop their business. These BIC tenants will also have the potential to create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and regional economies. Through renovation of space for BIC (1000m2 divided in 8 modules which surface will be from 60m2 to 150 m2), this project will create opportunity for 3-4 potential tenants. This project will also create opportunity for continuous non financial support for new companies in the field of management, marketing, law consulting, promotion, book keeping etc.


2. Implemented Information System for promoting the business opportunities in the cross-border area

Even there are many business opportunities and a significant potential in the Timis County area and in the Serbian cross-border area as well, the available information are not always relevant, up-gradated and easy to access. The information system developed by the Romanian partner (ADETIM) will constitute an excellent promotion basis for economic and business opportunities in the Romanian-Serbian cross-border area. One of the system components will be used in order to create socio-economic forecasts according to various applied scenarios, and perform comparative analysis of their efficiencies. It will help defining and prioritizing the decision making and the application of public, social and economic policies within the region.


3. 3-4 future tenants ( out of which 1-2 start-ups)

Through renovation of space for BIC and monitoring of potential entrepreneurs, this project will create a chance for establishment 1-2 new companies and for placing additional 1-2 existing companies. These companies will be placed within the available 8 modules (surface from 60m2 to 150m2). Selection process for future BIC tenants will be developed based on following criteria:\

  1. Economic-financial feasibility,
  2. Technical feasibility,
  3. Team capacity,
  4. Economic impacts and
  5. Impact on society.


4. Vrsac Incubator model and service package Guide

Key issue of success for BIC will be provision of management guidance, technical assistance and consulting tailored to young growing companies. With a goal to establish sustainable BIC that can offer a quality services to future tenants we will develop through this project operating structures and operational guidelines for BIC. That will secure effective functioning of BIC resulting in establishing new companies,

supporting business development of already established companies and generating new jobs in Vrsac region. In addition, this project will create opportunity for other Municipalities from border region and development bodies to use Vrsac Incubator model and service package Guide, as a model, in order to establish business incubators on its territory.


5. Target groups

Vrsac BIC Staff — 4 experts to be trained in order to gain the knowledge on how to approach SMEs and effective establishment and management of BIC services.

Potential Entrepreneurs —The regional economy is composed with 3101 active companies, from which 3084 small, 9 medium and 8 large sized companies. According the data provided by the Agency for Business Registers of Serbia there is 3093 SMEs in this region, engaged in various field of work. Most of them (97%) are small and medium sized companies.

Local business community — This group is large and it is composed with all inhabitants of border region involved in the project. Benefits they receive in this project are to create an atmosphere favorable for the development of the economy and consequently improvement of living conditions in the region involved in the project. At the same time, such environment leads to development of existing SMEs and establishing new enterprises, which directs to the creation of new jobs, which directly affects the large and vulnerable group – unemployed people in border region. Equal opportunity principles focus on securing the equality of groups, particularly minority groups. It is based on moral and ethical arguments and is concerned with promoting the rights of all members in society. Our project is completely in accordance with the equal opportunities standards, through involvement of unemployed people but also people regardless of nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

The project " SMEs support by developing an E-business infrastructure in Timis County and in the neighboring Serbian district” officially ends on 26th October 2014.